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My Corian coved “backsplash” is too short.

Colleen Matlock
2 years ago

I didn’t know what I was doing years ago when I had my kitchen done. My Corian countertop is coved up against the wall, but it is too short at 2 inches and looks off. Design searches tell me that countertop backsplashes should be 4 inches or higher up the wall or not there at all. I don’t think I can have the Corian portion going up the wall cut off (if I can please let me know) so will any type of tile or paint job look decent above it? My 1947 house has uneven kitchen walls so in some places the thickness is vastly different, but I think a skilled tile person could still make it work. I would love to get a new countertop, but it’s not in my budget right now. I’m already working around no-longer-in-style oak/orangey cabinets. Since 2002 I’ve been looking at this. I need to do something. Ugh.

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