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Advice on DIY Attic Insulation

4 years ago

I have an antique farmhouse (1850s era) that has a very poorly insulated attic. The space is about 18'x48' and maybe 5' high at the center beam, so not a huge space. I had a company provide an estimate of $2500 to clean out the existing insulation and blow in new stuff.

Im starting to think I could do this work myself, as I can rent the blower from Home Depot, and the insulation is pretty affordable.

Do I need to remove the old insulation before putting in new stuff? Or can I leave the old stuff and just blow in new stuff over top? Realize I may overlook sealing some gaps this way, but are there any other reasons the old stuff must come out first?

Is the $2500 estimate reasonable for a space this size?

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