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Quick/Cheap Bathroom Flip

Angela Hufford
2 years ago

I need ideas for the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to flip our ugly en suite. We've put it off while we worked on other home projects since no one ever sees it but us, thinking we'd have plenty of time to do it later (we planned to be here 5-9 more years). Turns out we're now planning to sell and move cross country in very short order (weeks). The rest of our house is updated and will raise our resale considerably. However bathrooms sell and this is the one eyesore in the entire house, and I'm afraid it will tank our overall value. Since we won't get to enjoy it, I'm not worried about it being highest quality or top of the line. I need to flip it quickly and make it at least presentable asap.
Main concern is the weird trend of continuing the flooring up the wall behind the toilet and the strange tiling around the shower.
What can we do to make the biggest impact in a short time with a small budget?? Help!

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