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Where is the mold smell coming from???

2 years ago

I'm allergic to mold and having a severe sinus reaction in my house for the last four days. (My husband is unaffected and I feel fine when I'm out of the house). A good friend sniffed around last night and noticed a very musty smell by the back door in the kitchen. It is right at the back door - move a foot or two in either direction and the smell dissipates.

I have a waterhog mat there - it doesn't smell, but I put it outside anyway. There is no sign of water damage or staining under the mat. I looked in and under all of the cabinets near there - they smell fine inside, nothing unusual underneath.

There is a crawl space (really a slither space) under the kitchen that is open to our unfinished basement. I shone a flashlight back there in the area right where the smell is in the kitchen. I don't see anything obvious. The underneath side of the kitchen floor is joists with exposed fluffy insulation that we had installed 7 years ago when we had foundation work done to our house. Maybe the insulation became moldy? But I don't smell the smell in the basement. Perhaps I would if I were in the slither space right under the area where I smell the odor in the kitchen?

Does anybody have any ideas of what could be causing the smell, what the next steps are in my seek and destroy plan?

My sinuses, which feel like they have tiny daggers in them, thank you for your ideas.

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