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Is this space big enough for ventless gas fireplace?

2 years ago

My husband and I would like to add a ventless gas fireplace to our home. We’re disagreeing on placement. Our room is 16x16 with 8 ft 4 inch ceilings. The wall I would like this to go on has 2 existing windows (46 inches between windows). He doesn’t think this space would be big enough or that the fireplace would not look right in this space. We do have another wall it could go on but this wouldnt be ideal to me. I’m going to attach a photo of the wall in question along with an image of what I’d like it to look like. If anyone has any input about if this could be done without looking too small please let me know. He likes “bigger grander” fireplaces (which also would prob not look right) but I’d like any input anyone has. Thank you.

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