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Granite cut wrong - no other slab available

2 years ago

Hello wise Houzzers.

We are nearing the end of a big remodel/addition project, and it seems the calibration was off on a machine and our granite was cut 1/2" too short for a 45" section of our countertops. The fabricator has looked all around and has not been able to find another slab of our chosen material. (Brazilian Black). He did find one slab that is similar - Rio Preto. While it is similar, it does not have the same sparkle/sheen as the Brazilian Black, and we don't love it. We do not want Absolute Black, and we do not want quartz, but we are looking for a black granite that has a lot of consistency to it, looks black and not gray, and does not have a lot of other markings. (Brazilian Black fit the bill, but apparently can't be found right now in Massachusetts.)

We are hoping to move back into our home in the next couple of weeks, and I have these questions for all of you:

1. Do you know of a granite similar to Brazilian Black that you could suggest that might be easier to find? (Please do not comment on how you hate black granite - we would like to have black granite and are just looking for options right now.)

2. Another option we are considering is keeping the mis-cut granite and having the wall built out a little further in the problem area and then putting tile backsplash in that area (not originally planned for this part of the kitchen, but at fabricator's expense) to fill in the 1/2" gap.

3. Does anyone have any other ideas for solving this problem besides finding another slab or building out the wall and adding backsplash?

4. Can we live without countertops for a while? I am ready to stop paying rent and a mortgage and would like to get back into our house probably before this problem can be completely solved. We do have the island counter (marble) installed, so we would have some counter surface, just not the perimeter/main counters.


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