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damage caused by rubbing tab pulls/finger pulls.

4 years ago

I'm trying to find out if anyone else has had experience with stopping or slowing damaged caused by finger pulls, tab pulls, or edge pulls. Not exactly sure what they're called. We just installed a new kitchen and knew that these were a little thick but had enough space in theory if nothing moved. But we didn't really calculate in the weighing down of the drawers once we put stuff in them. now they seem to be rubbing the bottom of the drawer with the top of the edge pulls.

I'm less concerned with the damage to the hardware itself. We have extra and can replace them when they get bad. I'm more concerned about it tearing apart the bottom of the drawer. One solution we thought of as a possible clear coat or plastic coating that's super thin, obviously, like a protective covering for a phone. But, of course, don't have any idea where to get something like that..

Anyone else experience anything like this? come up with a solution?

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