Alternative actuator faceplate for Kohler Veil wall-hung toilet?

last year

Hi, I purchased the Kohler Veil wall-hung 'intelligent toilet' and, upon installation, found that we didn't care for the design of the actuator faceplate (frankly, it looks too phallic!) I'm wondering if the faceplate can be swapped out for a more basic geometric design, such as this rectangular one.

Anyone out there dealt with this issue or swapped out the faceplate for one of these? I am wondering if all the Kohler in-wall tanks have interchangeable actuator faceplates ?

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  • formulaross20
    last year

    The rectangular actuator looks to be Kohler P/N 1236014-CP (polished chrome). The expanded parts drawings show what looks to be common hardware for both part designs behind the faceplate; it should be a simple substitution.

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting
    last year

    Really !!!!

  • Chris Sponiar
    9 days ago

    Curious to know if you tried this, and if it worked?

  • verplaetse
    Original Author
    9 days ago

    Howdy - yes, I replaced the shipped (phallic) faceplate with a more basic, rectangular alternative. The alt faceplate fit into the same opening nicely, but the mechcanical features for securing it in place are not aligned, so it is currently reliant on the semi press-fit coupling.. I am considering designing and 3D printing a coupling that will allow for magnetic attachment (tbd).

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