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I want to fall in love again...with my kitchen!

2 years ago

My kitchen is 23 years old and while I have loved it a long time, I have been out of love the past few years and need to make some changes.

The cabinets are solid cherry and high quality so they are staying. Many of the doors and drawer fronts are showing their age so we are thinking we will replace all of them with a new, updated style finished to match the boxes and new hardware. The layout works well though I think the appliance garage looks dated. It looks like we can remove that entire cabinet as it is separate. Would you just run the cabinet straight across that wall?

I am very tired of the Verdi butterfly granite and we want to replace it. I love the idea of marble but I have a messy - though lovable - husband. Any ideas? Would you do a waterfall to lighten things up or is that a trend? We will also replace the backsplash.

We are thinking we will replace the island - removing the sink that is never used and installing a microwave drawer and add more drawers/storage space. We have room to make the island about 8 inches longer.

The desk area is also dated and never used. Can’t remember the last time I looked at a cookbook. And we both have laptops so the desktop computer just runs our music and photos. I am fine with pulling that section of cabinets out and starting over. What would you do there? Different color cabinet? Glass insets?

The Brazilian cherry floors will be refinished (first time in 23 years) and while the red tone bugs me from time to time, the flooring runs through the dining room and open foyer and is in excellent shape so staying.

Bottom line: we are empty nesters but still entertain a lot and plan to stay in the house for the foreseeable future. We know the next buyers will be 30-somethings as we live in a highly coveted family neighborhood. So I want the kitchen to appeal to that buyer when the time comes.

The kitchen feels too traditional and too monochromatic/dark and I want to fall in love again. Any feedback would be welcome.

(I can't seem to post photos so will try to add in comments.)

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