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Advice on Kitchen and Living Room Layout

4 years ago

I just purchased my first home (1954 brick veneer/vinyl siding exterior) and am looking to modernize the kitchen and living room area into an open concept without as much wood paneling as currently exists. I’m single and will live in the house by myself, I don’t cook so I don’t mind a small kitchen as long as it’s functional when being used. Like everybody else I’d love to have an island to entertain and allow for spill over from living room if I have friends/family over.

I have a working, but rather large brick wood-burning fireplace insert that I want to keep, but will try modernize a bit with stone veneer or paint. I also have non-support bearing beams that I think are cool looking, so I’d like to keep those.

I’ve redesigned the area and taken about 3 or 4 feet of living room and added it to the kitchen, but I’m concerned whether it’s odd to walk into a house and have an island as the first thing in front of you? Naturally the eyes tend to look to the right upon entrance as the big fireplace is there and the entry closet blocks off the left side.

The alternative Im considering is moving (keeping) the fridge on the left side, rather than the right side or shortening up the kitchen to stay in a 10 by 10 space with a peninsula. I don’t have pantry space elsewhere so that was why I tried to extend things a little and get a pantry/floor-to-ceiling cabinets on that left side.

Here are some current photos and then some app designs ive been playing around with. Also my makeshift floor plan. The current kitchen is 10’4 by 10’4”. The door between the current fridge and stove goes to the laundry room and utility room (furnace, water heater, electrical panel, side door). Also it’s a fish eye lens, so the living room ceiling is flat, not vaulted (8 feet height).

I would love and appreciate all feedback on what I can do to maximize this space in a functional way!

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