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faucet hole drilled too close to backsplash in quartz countertop

4 years ago

My sister had a house fire in December 2018 and had to do a total rebuild (essentially it is an entire new home build). Her GC recommended a local company to purchase and install counter tops. Someone from the company went to the house, measured the cabinets and cutout space, we selected the quartz and the salesman recommended a specific sink based upon my sister's preferences. We had several issues with the company throughout the rebuild, but when we got home Friday night, we were speechless. As you can see in the photos, the kitchen faucet literally touches the backsplash. They did the exact same thing in the basement kitchen. We complained to our GC about it and has set up an appointment for the counter top salesman to come out tomorrow morning. After looking at pictures the GC sent, the salesman said the lip on the sink didn't allow enough space to drill the hole any closer to the sink. Obviously we are not going to live with this ridiculous placement, and based on previous issues with him, anticipate he will be less than accommodating or helpful. Is my sister off-base expecting the stone company to accept responsibility for the mistakes and replace the sink (with a correct sized one) and install new quartz (unless there's acceptable options to correct the issue)? Many thanks!

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