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Raised Ranch Exterior - Windows, Siding

Susan Palm
4 years ago

We are making some improvements to our Raised Ranch. Most of the money is going to the inside (kitchen, etc), however, we are replacing the siding, roof and bay window. Our plan is a charcoal color roof and slate blue vinyl siding (my husband is leaning towards the cedar shake look). Looking for advice on the portico and what the window should look like. Note, we are not replacing the other windows on the front of the house (out of scope). I don't like bay windows, but I am concerned that the overall profile will be too flat if we remove the bay. Our ideal house would be a craftsman, but what we have is a raised ranch. If I was just picking a window without concern for the rest of the house, it would be a 6 over 1 look. However, I'm wondering if, from an aesthetics standpoint, we should replace with the same sort of casement window, but not a bay (note, current window is in bad shape so needs to be replaced regardless of look).

In the spring we will replace the landscaping. Eventually (1 year+) we hope to replace the walkway and maybe the garage door, but not in current budget. We have no plan (or budget) to replace the other front windows or roofline.

I'm looking for suggestions to replace the bay window, and then ultimately for any thoughts on the portico. Thanks in advance!!

Oh, also totally ok with getting rid of the shutters, so happy to get advice on that as well! Thanks!

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