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Tell me about wood-look floor--bevel vs square edge, plank width etc.

3 years ago

After a lot of thought and research, I've decided to do rigid plank, luxury vinyl plank in a top-of-the-line brand. I'll be using it throughout a just-purchased second home--a two story townhouse in Florida and will have it professionally installed. I'm looking for a non-rustic, lighter floor without grey tones that will lend itself to a more contemporary look. My aim is timeless rather than trendy.

I know this material has come a long way recently; it's becoming more realistic looking all the time, and is still evolving with constant changes and improvements. I know buying a product that is EIR (embossed in register) makes for a much more realistic looking floor, and I know that matte/satin rather than shiny is what I want. I plan to buy a SPC core product for its "waterproofness".

What's throwing me for a loop is the look of bevels or lack of bevels--painted enhanced bevels, micro bevels or square edge. And, what are the plank width sizes that contribute to a more authentic wood look?

I am used to living in a 100 year old house with 100 year old, site-finished maple and oak floors. These, of course, are the typical, narrow strip floors of the era. So, extra wide planks and enhanced bevels that emphasize each individual wide plank are seeming "wrong" to my eye right now. I'd really appreciate some thought from those of you who are familiar with today's flooring.

Should I be looking for those enhanced painted bevels, or should I be trying to find a product that has square, flat edges that butt up against each other? Are micro bevels my best compromise? Are those giant wide 9" planks what is best, or should I be looking for narrower, say 4" to 6"? Do the bevels make for a floor that is harder to keep clean because they allow dirt to collect in those grooves?

For our application, needs and price point we've come to the conclusion that this is the type of product that most closely fits the bill for this particular install. So, I really appreciate the help but don't need any comments on why I should go with real wood instead if I am looking for a realistic appearance floor. What I am seeking is comments that will help me make a decision about this product type.

Thanks much.

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