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ZZ Raven repotting

2 years ago

Hello all! New member here and new to house plants as well.

I recently acquired two rather big ZZ Ravens at a really good price and went ahead to repot them from their plastic nursery pot a few days later. I do have some questions to ask though, just to ease my concerns since I haven't really repotted anything before and I'm just not sure if I did it correctly. I'll list my questions out so that it's easier to read.

1. As mentioned, the ZZs were quite big and there were multiple rhizomes in each pot. For one of the ZZs i managed to get a pot (with a drainage hole!) just slightly larger than the root ball. I put some new mix into the new pot, popped the entire root ball with the old soil into the pot and filled out the sides with new mix, without disturbing the root ball at all. Then I gave the plant a bit of water just to get the new soil moist. Did I do it correctly?

2. I also noticed that the old soil was still moist when I was repotting. I went ahead to water after repotting because that's what I thought I was supposed to do. I am concerned that the roots are being suffocated. If this is a concern should I remove all of the old soil and repot it again with entirely new mix or should I just leave it alone to dry?

3. For the other ZZ the root ball was way too big so I had to remove all the old soil and divide it, which was surprisingly easy (the old soil fell away quite readily). I was able to split the plant up into four rhizomes without too much trouble. I potted them up into four individual pots by filling the bottom of each pot with a bit of new mix, then I held the plant up in the pot and poured new mix around the roots, packing the soil in lightly as I poured. After that I watered generously until water drained out of the bottom. I did not reuse any of the old soil. Will the separated plants be ok?

4. I actually ran out of mix when I was potting up the individual ZZs so three of them had to sit in a moist towel for most of the day while I went out to run errands. I managed to get more mix in the evening and only potted them at night after I got home. I understand that ZZs have a reputation for being tough but I imagine that they are under a considerable amount of stress. Will they be ok?

Thank you all very much!

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