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Hardwood in a high traffic kitchen?

2 years ago

Hi! We need to rip out the old kitchen/family room and put in new. Style-wise, I’d love to have the look and feel of wood floors. However — we have an extremely high-traffic home and kitchen. 10 of us in the household (four generations), including several toddlers with ride-on toys, scooters, etc. We also serve lots of friends and guests on weekends, so the floor needs to be not only durable, but also not going to get ruined by everyday water — spilled drinks, constant flow of dishes being washed, etc.

Concrete seems much too cold, and I do like wood. My designer strongly encourages tile (vs a top end vinyl) for value to the home and durability and nice look.

what do you think? Is there a finish for hardwood or engineered wood (better for budget!) that can withstand a big and active family?

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