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Help with Paint Color Please! (SW vs BM) - pictures attached!

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hi, everyone:

We need to pick out whole house paint scheme by next week. We have a pretty open floorplan so this color will be used throughout first floor (kitchen, dining, grandroom, hallyway) as well as second floor hallway. In our kitchen, we have "Pure White" (SW) perimeter cabinets with Mount Etna (very dark navy, almost black) island. Our floor is white oak and will be stained light to medium color.

Local designer recommended BM Decorator's White for trim and wall. I also consulted with Maria Killam and her team. They recommended SW's Heron Plume color. And Pure White for trims to match the cabinet color. I am more familiar with BM colors and this seems to match "Classic Gray" color, which I LOVE. I also think white is a good choice but Maria's team thinks it is "too stark".

Here is a comparison picture of Heron Plume/Pure White vs Classic Gray/Chantilly Lace. I can barely tell the difference. Can you see which one is which? (Top is BM, bottom is SW)

So here are our options:

1) Paint SW Pure White for both trim and wall

2) Paint BM Decorator's White for both trim and wall

3) Paint SW Heron Plume for wall, Pure White for trim

4) Paint BM Classic Gray for wall, Chantilly Lace for trim

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