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Do solid stone alcove tubs exist? Cast Iron vs Acrylic vs One piece

Rachel Orosz
3 years ago

Hey everyone

I'm trying to pick out a shower tub combo but i am at a loss. I hate cleaning bathrooms, but I love taking baths. The space i have to work with is 69"x36.

I would love to get a solid stone bathtub, but i can't find any Alcove installation ones. i was thinking a rectangular free standing one might work, but I'm not sure.

Cast Iron would be easier to find, but i have cast iron right now and I'm not a fan. It's cold when i start the bath, and i hate the feeling of cold cast iron when i get in the bath. i also think to heat the cast iron, it takes the heat out of the water. Maybe insulating the tub would help?

High end Acrylic is the another option. I read that the high quality stuff will retain heat just as well if not better than cast Iron. Always liked the one peice acrylic shower and tub in my parents house. But i worry about it staying slean over the long term, and i won't be able to use products like scrubbing bubbles.

This is our forever home, planning on staying here another 30+ years. What would you do and why?

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