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Non-matching (partially matched) sofa and love seat for family room

4 years ago

I'm thinking of replacing our large, 3 side sectional (with a chaise and then two sides, so makes a U) with a separate sofa and love seat. For cost reasons (and because my kids still destroy things), I'm looking to buy off FB marketplace, Craigslist or the like. I found one leather sofa that I like, but can't find a matching loveseat. So I'm thinking of instead looking for the loveseat in a different material. So two of the exact same style (rolled arm) same manufacturer (this is pottery barn), but one in leather, one in a fabric. Is this a matter of "close but no cigar"? Better to go to a totally different style (say, maybe a straight squared off arm) than to look like I tried, but not hard enough?

If the latter, then would two different styles both leather be ok? (then same color or go different since it's unlikely to have a perfect match - say an espresso and a cognac). Id really like to find leather since the dog has developed this habit of sitting on the couch too. (Started when we went on vacation - seemed to have made himself comfortable in our absence )


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