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vent hood height for bluestar broiler

3 years ago

We are installing a 60 inch bluestar gas range. The hood we are using are 2 side by side 40-3/8inch 900CFM vent a hood inserts( VBH340PSLBSS). I understand that vent a hood typically recommends a 30 inch mounting height above the range. We are installing a bluestar broiler( above the range mounted to the wall. I need to know what the minimum clearance is between the hood and the salamander so that I can still clean and maintain the hood. The broiler/salamander is 15inch in height so we cannot install the hood at 30inch above the range ---we will have too little clearance. Bluestar recommends mounting the broiler/salamander 18 inches above the range. If we do this the top of the salamander/broiler will be 33 inches above the range.

  1. How much clearance do we need between the top of the broiler and the bottom of the hood. I have heard varying opinions— most around 6 inches?
  2. If we do mount at 6 inches above broiler it will put our hood height at 39 inches above range. We have oversized our hood to account for this but will a 39-40 inch height be an issue. Can we make up for this by having the hood project anteriorly beyond the range?
    Thanks in advance.

I am attaching the links to the products being used:

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