Looking for a recipe box

Izzy Mn
last year

I am going insane today trying to find a old fashion recipe box. My mom has said she wants a bigger sizes one, hers holds 3x5 cards. She almost never asks for anything and this was a pretty direct hint of what she would like for Christmas. I picked up one years ago at a garage sale that holds the larger sized, 5x8 (I think), a plain wooded box with hinged lid, even had tab divider cards, I wish I could find something like that
The one she has is metal with a pattern, so one similar would be ok, wood one not $50-$80 would be good even. Has to be fairly good sized but not huge.
I went to multiple stores looking for one. Kohl's, Bed, Bath, Beyond, Home Goods, Joanne Fabrics and Craft, Pier One, World import s (something like that) Not a single recipe box in sight anywhere. I even popped by the Goodwill hoping I'd get lucky. Finally a office supply store only had really ugly black plastic index card boxes for 3x5 and 5x7, almost got that but when I grabbed a packet of index cards they were made of really thin card stock so I was so disgusted I just left with nothing.
I've looked online but either find 3x5 sized, too small or some ok wood ones under $30 that have some bad reviews that they were flimsy and/or.
Any suggestions on what to do and where to find a recipe box???

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