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Brand new floors, colour is all wrong

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Just had new floors laid, they were reclaimed timbers from Qld so a variety of species. We were given a sample of what they would look like when stained (we wanted them to be stained a rich walnut colour) but now they're in and the stain doesn't look at all like what I expected. The variations between colours are significant and much of the floor boards look red instead of a rich brown. Any ideas what I can do? I'm worried if they restrain it the pieces that look like they didn't pick up the stain will stay light and the others will go a variety of dark brown and will make the variations even more pronounced. I'll attach a photo of the sample (last) and the stained floors for comparison. I'm mainly worried that a red floor will make us have to very careful with all furniture/artwork choices as it'll easily clash.

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