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Smudges/footprints/paw prints all over luxury vinyl plank flooring

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Does anyone have any magic solution to keep LVP flooring clean? I have tried Swifter, Rejuvenate, vinegar and water, and the recommendation that was made by the store where we purchased the floor, Windex. He said there could have been a build up of product but the Windex should take it off. My floor is clean for the 5 minutes after I clean it, but the minute someone walks on it, the dogs drink water and drip it all around, etc. there are smudges and marks all over. Forget walking around with bare feet, there would be actual footprints left behind. I am a slave to my floor when it should have been "maintenance free". I wish I could rip it out but we just ripped all the old flooring out and put 2,000 square feet of this LVP flooring just a year ago. PLEASE HELP!

Edited to add:

I use a clean microfiber mop and then dry the floor with another dry microfiber cloth.

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