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Looking for suggestions and recommendations on a farmhouse addition

I recently retired from the Navy after over 20 years and my wife and 4 children are moving back to our home town to be closer to our extended family. We are thinking about purchasing and old farmhouse, with a big barn, a large pond and 24 acres. The house is 1700 square feet, 900 square feet on the first floor that was built in the 1870’s, its small rooms, choppy (as expected), the kitchen is two separate spaces (cooking area-small, eat in area-small) and has a roughed in full bath that is no where near completed (just the plumbing is there). The first floor also has a one story addition on the “back” of the house in the center, that is part of the kitchen/full bath and a one story, one car garage to the left of it. The second story is 800 square feet, built on in the 1970’s, 3 good size bedrooms and a full bath that needs updating, as it has never been updated since new. The house is basically a rectangle, has no distinction between front, sides and back, other than how it actually faces the road. The “front” of the house has no entry door, and the garage and garage door face the road, but there is no driveway that leads to the garage. The house sits back from the road about 400 feet, has a path/stone driveway (tire marks) that leads to the house, which is on the right side of the “driveway” and the driveway leads back to a large barn. The 24 acres is all tillable farm land and pasture land with a little bit of woods and the large pond. I need more room for my family of 6 so I need to add an addition. My plan is, to take to roof off of the back addition and garage, dig a crawlspace foundation on the back (where the big concrete “porch” is, coming from the right side of the house, out to be even with the center addition and add a completely new first floor, utilizing the existing addition and garage. Then building on that first floor with a new second floor that spans the width of the house, along with the first floor. The first floor addition would be new kitchen, half bath, mudroom/laundry room. The second floor addition would be master bed, bath and closets. The house needs something on the actual front of the house to make it look like the front of the house. I was thinking that just left of the basement outside access, build a wrap around porch to the left to the side of the house. Put in a front door someplace and remove the side door on the left side of the house. I framed houses before I joined the Navy and I have renovated/remodeled 3 houses since being in the Navy, so I plan on doing most of the work myself (digging crawlspace foundation, framing, electrical, plumbing, etc…) with help from friends and family and hiring someone to do the masonry foundation, roofing and siding). I would appreciate any and all recommendations that this forum has, as to addition location, making the house more like a house, other than just a box with windows and doors. Im open to any and all suggestions to renovate and remodel this old farmhouse, yet add some modern amenities but keep it looking like a farmhouse.

I will add photos, but i have tried to post this 3 times and it just freezes up.

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