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Should bath exhaust fan be vented to roof RIDGE VENT through attic?

4 years ago

We are in the midst of a 2nd floor bathroom reno. Contractor wants to run the new exhaust fan ducting up through attic to the existing roof ridge vent. Is this a valid exit location? Allowed by code? I can't seem to find anything suggesting this as an option. How would the ducting be attached to the vent? Will moist air even move (straight) up and out? I have purchased a Fantech remote fan unit (PB110, and insulated flexible ducting, as suggested) to be mounted in attic. We cannot see where, or even if, our existing fan is vented. It is located on a sloped ceiling between two dormers. We intend to move the new fan grill (with light) to the center of the horizontal ceiling. Not sure if it matters, but roof is steep and we reside in Zone 7. Thank you for any advice on this proposed solution.

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