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Need professional advice for hiding plumbing in master bath

3 years ago

Looking for professional recommendations on how to cover up a small area near the ceiling that has exposed plumbing that could not be moved in a master bath remodel. During demo, removed a large bulky soffit and trying to avoid another one. This is over where a double vanity will be with a tower closet on the end (right side). On the left of vanity will be a freestanding tub. My contractor suggested adding two beams symmetrically placed, one to cover the exposure and the other just to make it look like it was an architectural feature that could be left natural or painted white. The other suggestion was to add an overhead cabinet from the top of the closet across to the end of the vanity. The color scheme is going to be gray and white. The vanity is going to be painted a dark gray.

Don't want it to look like and afterthought. Not sure how to handle this.

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