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Kitchen cabinet, Beam conflict with upper cabinet

4 years ago

We are gearing up for a full kitchen remodel and would like to change our upper cabinets from standard height to full height (to the ceiling), but there is a conflict with one of the cabinets and an exposed ceiling beam (see attached photo of existing pre-demo conditions). We received a quote to recess the beam into the ceiling and it is cost prohibitive at this time.

If we went with full height cabinets we would demolish the bulkhead above the wall oven and refrigerator cabinets to extend the height of these cabinets.

Shifting the upper cabinets to avoid the conflict does not appear to be an option. I am considering installing full height cabinets for all of the ones that are not in conflict, installing a standard height one for the one under the beam and then building a box above that cabinet. In that scenario the upper cabinet door height difference would be the most obvious.

Any ideas to make full height upper cabinets work with the beam?

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