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Livingroom arrangement challenge

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago


We just recently remodeled our main floor (kitchen, dinning room, and living room) and I'm not exactly sure how to finish off our living room. The room is big and open with high ceilings, but the layout is tricky. The fireplace is tall and asymmetrical, the window is huge, and

I don't know how to best set it up so that it's nice and welcoming. Currently we have a small TV set up on a small chest on one of the walls, but we're getting a bigger TV and I'm debating where I should put it and how to best set it up? My husband keeps saying we should put it above the fireplace, but I'm not so sure about it. Should I keep it on the wall like we have it now, or should I listen to him and try it on the fireplace? How do I dress up the fireplace so that it looks nice (shelves, built-ins, etc.)? What about window treatments? I'm so lost, not sure where I should begin with this room. We'll need to keep the sectional for now, but will need a new coffee table and other pieces to finish it off.

Thank you in advance for your ideas and suggestions.


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