Proposed fee increase for US govt genealogy related records

raee_gw zone 5b-6a Ohio

I am not an intense genealogy researcher, but there are a few records that I have been meaning to request for my great-grandparents; and I have noticed that there are a few others here that are working on their family trees. If you are researching your family, at some point you might want to search for immigration records held by the US Customs and Immigration Service (which has a genealogy specific unit) that are not available from sources like FamilySearch or Ancestry.

The fee for that, up to now, is currently around $65 (per request and then per record).

They are proposing to increase those fees to $240 and up to $625 respectively - making it $865 to receive just one (supposedly public) record.

If you think that this is an excessive fee increase, effectively shutting the records away from nearly all interested people, then please consider sending in a comment to the government site for comments on the rule change, as well as to your US Senators and congressman.

Here is a link that will tell you all about the situation and how to comment: Records fee increase

I have no doubt that some fee increase is justified, but $600 to make a copy or scan of a record and send it to the requestor is hard to believe!

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No doubt this fee increase is a result of 45's disdain for immigrants.

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That is insane!

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