How was YOUR week?


I missed 2 exercise classes week before last because my knee hurt so much I literally couldn't go down the stairs without crying. I live on the top floor of a triplex. So squats and hovers etc weren't going to cut it for me.

I went last week and as soon as I walked in I was accosted by 4 members all at once who wanted to know where the heck I was! LOL It was hilarious! Vitamin B12, glucosamine, and other things were advised, but I'm holding off till I see the dr and see what she recommends. I'm already taking C D E calcium/mag and omega 3-6-9. I hate taking pills of any kind, and I'd like to hold off from taking more if possible.

A few weeks ago I was eating popcorn and bang! I bit a kernel and broke a tooth. It didn't hurt at all, but the bottom of it was rough. I knew I was getting a cleaning last week, so I just left it for them to look at. It was one the dr had filled a few months ago.

The dr and his wife (team) were stunned there was no pain whatsoever. It was split right in half right up to the root. So out it came. No charge, as he put it down as a repair to what was done previously.

She said if I had any pain, to take tylenol or advil, etc. but she figured I'd be okay if I was painless till now. LOL. I did take advil that night from pain and even the next morning I had a headache.

I've since purchased hull-free popcorn, so I'll see what that's like, or I can just stick with my chips! No danger there. :-)

I roasted a chicken last weekend, because of all the Thanksgiving posts! I used up the leftovers quickly, with one meal the same as the dinner, and the rest into quesadillas and chicken salad. I put curry and turmeric in the chicken salad and it was delicious! I made chicken salad twice, once in a pita and the other to have with crackers and cheese. I could easily have had more leftover chicken, I'd make more quesadillas. So I might have to buy a turkey now that they're on sale, just for leftovers.

Yesterday was a day of freezing rain, ice pellets and snow. Parts of Ontario was without electricity. As I knew it was coming, I made it a snow day by making bread, pie pastry (one for quiche and the rest in the freezer) then spent the afternoon bingeing Sons of Anarchy.

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Hectic, tiring and hurting! I missed the last step on my step ladder and fell into the dining room table and on to the floor, could not get up. Cell phone was in the kitchen, rolls baking in the oven! Had to scoot to the kitchen to get my phone and call for help and then get the rolls out of the oven. Only found one pot holder I could reach so got the rolls out and let them set on the oven door, till my help came. I got lifted right up and continued my baking. Such is life.


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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

Please be careful out there with ladders. A couple weeks ago a friend of mine missed the last step and hit her head. She went from a lump on her head to a brain bleed, seizures, paralysis. Her outcome looks bleak. She is non-responsive and remains in ICU.

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Don't be afraid of having your knee replaced, if the doctor suggests it. I was 67 when I had mine done, almost 6 years ago. I had been in a wheelchair 3 times for about 10 days at a time, and was in pain constantly. It was like a miracle for me. Just be sure and do your exercises. Since you live up stairs, if I remember correctly, you will need some help for a little while, but before you know it, stairs will no longer be a problem.

My week? Well, we had a woman who sometimes worked for us. Had known her for 45 years. She was a hard worker and came here several times since we moved to help Jody do repairs around the place. I fell the last day of moving, landed on my back on a concrete pad, and had bad soreness and muscle spasms which limited how much I could do.

She stayed here a few days at a time, and was paid between 35 and 50 dollars a day, even on the days the weather was bad and they didn't go outside. But, glad to do it. I enjoyed cooking her favorite foods. Everything was good.

I knew she would take little things...cigarette lighters, loose change, my antacids, tee shirts.

She was going to go to Baltimore until February and work for her brother, who has a commercial carpet business.

The last day she was here, she took my Crocs, a Brighton cross over bag I had bought for my daughter, some new tshirts that belonged to Jody, a couple of coffee mugs, and a $225 gift card. Plus was paid $150 and only worked a couple of hours. Watched football on TV the rest of the time.

We are living in a 960 sq ft trailer. There is very little in here. I went thru everything in here...every drawer, every closet, three times before I accused her. She admitted taking the shoes, but not the other things. Again, I went completely through every room. I would hate to accuse someone of stealing if they didn't do it. She was the only person here, besides there is no doubt. I told her she wouldn't be back. So she texted me, cussing me out. I can cuss pretty good too, but I didn't. I just blocked her.

I was going to use the gift card to buy a new Kitchaid mixer. Jody ended up buying one for me, as a surprise.

So it was a disappointment to have someone we have known for so long, steal from us...but she had better have gotten everything she wanted to steal, because she won't be back.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Jazzy and Sue, I am so sorry that you are both hurting! Sue, I'm sure that your kids have told you that your days of using a step ladder need to be over. How scary!

Jasdip, have you considered the fact that you may need to move at some point? Three flights of stairs would be impossible for me with my worsening knees. CBD oil has helped me a great deal but I don't expect that to last forever.

I'll be anxious to hear what the doctor says.

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Elmer J Fudd

I'm surprised you kept her on if you knew she stole things. Admittedly she seemed to have been happy working for very low wages but still? You've learned the hard way, unfortunately.

I have a zero toleration policy for dishonesty (lying) or theft of any kind. One strike and you're out, whether hired help, a friend, or a colleague.

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Despite being snowed out for the last week, it's been a great week. Had a very nice low key Thanksgiving and have been enjoying having time to do some baking. I did have to cancel a dental appt last week due to snow, but it's rescheduled for today. The weather has warmed up and if this trend continues, we are going to try going home later this week. We'll drive in as far as we can and hike the rest of the way.

I'm sorry for everyone's troubles. Hope those suffering with health issues feel better soon. Yes, ladders can be dangerous things. I hate getting up on ladders and won't do it unless someone else is around. Thieve are among the lowest of the low in my book.

Hope this week is better for everyone!

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Jasdip....sorry about your knee and your tooth. Great dentist you have tho! Glad your exercise class is going so well....they missed you!

Marilyn_sue....ouch. Glad your alright.

sweet_betsy.....I'm sorry about your friend.

Marilyn....Dang! That sucks! She had the nerve to cuss "you" out? Just wow!

Me....I broke a capped molar in half. My dentist ground off the edges. January 14 to get in for a temporary crown. Love my dentist. It's NOT her work.

My renters in the brick house, called for a sewer clean out with the towns biggest RIP OFF company. $245. My reliable company, the one I would have called, charges $95 with a 30 day guarantee, tells me what clogged it and clears the drain. Now, 2 weeks later it's clogged again! Today @ 1pm I'll find out what's going on.

My online order to Staples had a system glitch, wiped out my address number, but NOT the street name. The printer arrived, but the Dot is supposed to arrive today. I called to add my address number. Hope it's all in order now....?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Oh Marilyn, I just now saw your post. How awful! I cannot comprehend how you must feel. I have a zero tolerance policy regarding theft, as well. I sure hope that you will be able to find another helper that is more trustworthy.

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Last week was so much fun. I wrapped and shipped all of my gifts to others, then drove out to Scottsdale to spend time with my best friend. We made a small turkey just for the two of us (and her dogs) along with some delicious broccolini and homemade whole cranberry relish. On the way home, I stopped off in Palm Desert for a few hours to enjoy the afternoon with some other friends. The rain and snow early in the week created some stunning views to enjoy as I was driving. This week, I'm exchanging autumn decor for winter/holiday decorations.

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I hope everyone here with health issues recovers quickly and completely. I had a run-in with blender blades a couple days ago and have several
deep cuts on my left index finger. Should have probably gone to urgent
care, but did not feel like it at 10 pm. It looks like it's healing up
fine and I am keeping antibiotic ointment and a large bandage on it. Marilyn, the woman sounds like an awful person, you are better off without her.

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Mariyln c. My blood is boiling. Why arent you confronting her. She should feel ashamed of herself.

She, of course, will deny it but should know that YOU know.

Jasdip, I too am suffering an ankle injury. I am heading to the orthopedist in a few hours. I ignored this and now I am paying the price. Take care of yourself.

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I am so sorry to hear of the physical injuries and hope all of you that are not feeling well are on the mend soon. Marilyn I am so upset. You do so many good things for critters and you are such a good person, it was really evil for your worker to steal from you. (Or for anyone to steal from anyone).

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