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Lacanche cluny or Monogram 48" range

e g
3 years ago

First time poster here. Thanks to everyone for all the amazing information thats already here! I'm having a lot of trouble making a decision about a range for our kitchen remodel. My DH does not want to hear any more about it, so here I am! Haha.

We're still in the planning stages but most likely will have a 9ft wall span for the range, so size is flexible. I have basically narrowed it down to either the Lacanche Cluny (incredibly beautiful and functional too) vs the Monogram 48" dual fuel range with griddle. We have a small family (for now) and I cook 3-4 nights a week (we eat leftovers the other nights). I am by no means a gourmet chef (I make a lot of Ina Garten recipes) but I do like to make things from scratch and use the stove top and ovens most days when preparing foods. One of the things I like in my kitchen now is we have a 30" range with double ovens. I use the top smaller oven frequently to roast veggies or fish and like the idea of a smaller oven to use regularly. I do a lot of baking as well and always use the full-size oven for this, but this is less often. We do not have space for wall ovens in the design (and I prefer the look of a range anyway).

I like the Monogram because of the good reviews of its baking capabilities, and they are having a deal right now. I like the idea of a griddle but understand I can always buy a removable one if I go with Lacanche. My concern about the monogram is that the small everyday oven will not fit a half sheet pan which I use almost daily when cooking. How much of an issue will it be to have to use only quarter sheet pans for everything? For those who have this range, do you find the everyday oven to be too small? And the large oven is enormous, does it take forever to heat up?

As far as the Lacanche, I am concerned about the non-standard size should it ever need to be replaced. And, am I just buying into luxury advertising, because these ranges don't have many of the features of many less expensive models in the US (glide out racks, self cleaning, digital read out of oven temp, etc)? Not to mention the exorbitant cost of shipping! But the idea of 2 smaller ovens is very appealing and from what I have read, it is a very solid workhorse. I believe the half sheet pan will fit into the Cluny ovens, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks to everyone in advance for your suggestions!

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