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Open kitchen wall to basement stairs??

2 years ago

Hello all! First time poster!

We are remodeling our kitchen soon, and I’m looking for some advice on whether or not to open up my staircase to the basement. I am trying to create an open concept visually, since pushing a support beam into the ceiling and removing part of our kitchen wall are not in the budget. Instead of a standard railing, however, it would be a 1/2 wall with cabinets running along the length for storage and then 1/2 wall will wrap around the corner into dining room. (There will be a tall lip behind to prevent anything from falling over the wall.) The cabinets are going in either way, my dilema is whether to open up the wall above- making the garage door visible to the whole dining/kitchen area, or leave as a full wall (Removing built- in storage shelving and pony wall shown). Attached is our current layout from front door (arrows pointing to wall in question), the basement stair access, and a couple basic 3D renderings and plans with measurements for proposed layout. There will be no door leading to the basement if we decided to do a 1/2 wall, despite the appearance in the 3D renderings.

Any input is appreciated. Although please only pertaining to the basement staircase area :)


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