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I Hate My New Floor!

2 years ago

We have been in our new home almost 2 months. I just noticed the black spots starting on my floor. I try to wipe up any little spots of water I see in my kitchen. Somehow a few little spots must have gone unnoticed and when I say spots I literally man small spots of water. Had I known these floors would be so high maintenance I never would have put them in. I wanted as little maintenance as possible. I had wood floors in my former home and apartment and never had these issues.

I realized I could not wash my floor with water but had no idea a few tiny spots would turn my floor black so easily and quickly. If I was rich Id rip it up. Who wants to worry every time you wash a dish or open your dishwasher and put dishes away a tiny drop of water may drip without being seen? I am SO UPSET. I suppose I could try and find a runner that would cover most of that area but I feel like why bother having the floor if I have to cover it up?

Now we have to call our floor guy and see what we need to do. I knew we should have gone with LVP!

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