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Please help me avoid unpleasant lighting in kitchen

3 years ago

Hello! What do you think of my electician’s plan? i really want a kitchen that has warm, soft relaxing light. Like a romantic restaurant.

we currently have LED bulbs that drive me nuts. I don’t understand why, because they are “soft white” 2700 K. 40 w

My dad, who also loves soft lighting, has a stockpile of incandescents and says he will not use LED’s until technology improves. Is this my only option?

-2 4 inch LED disc lights on either side of pendant over sink. (Pendant wasn’t installed for this pic)

-one 6 inch LED disc light to take the place of overhead.

-1 pendant over island (which I have not picked out yet)

-LED undercabinet lighting

-everything on dimmers

I would also appreciate suggestions on island fixtures.

Thank you so much in advance!!

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