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Smallest workable one wall kitchen? Help with layout of open plan home

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

We're remodeling or kitchen and having trouble finalizing a layout. The condo is a small, 650 sq ft brick row home. The ceilings are sloped and very high and there's a large exposed brick wall, which is why we fell in love with the space.

However, the kitchen and main living area just don't flow well at all. Currently there's a sort of entry way (shown on the floor plan as a 3' 11" wall) which leads into what we use as a living room. The kitchen is set up along the 10' 7" central wall abutting the bathroom. However, the fridge is then set up entirely alone into the far corner near the rear door to the deck.

What we'd like to do is find a kitchen layout that allows us to move that fridge onto the main kitchen wall, minimize the visual weight of the kitchen (we don't like it feeling like our main living area is predominantly kitchen/dining space), and have an actual living room set up.

Any ideas for how to layout the kitchen, how to furnish the space effectively, etc would be incredibly helpful. I'm struggling to deal with the lack of wall space, copious doors, and awkward set up. A full layout is below as well as some photos of the space.

We already have appliances and would like to keep them, they include a standard 30" range, a 23.5" fridge (requires 25" to open doors 90 degrees), and an 18" dishwasher.

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