Please help me choose living room furniture, mantel & accents!!!

2 years ago

Houzz has been incredibly helpful in the last few years with making positive changes around our home, so I'm back today to get advice on what color sofa/loveseat/chair we should get to brighten up our den/living area. We just recently commissioned this painting to put on our fireplace, replacing the artwork in the second photograph. I am working really hard to convincing my husband (with the help of my neighbors across the street who are very design saavy!) to make a much smaller floating mantel without those giant korbels. BUT my husband HAS expressed interest in getting a new sofa and loveseat or recliner to replace the dark espresso ones we have now (which will go in our upstairs game room) so I'm seizing the opportunity!! The living room photo below is older... we no longer have that trestle shelf in the background, thank goodness. So I'm looking for suggestions for sofa colors.... only caveat is that we want leather and reclining- leather because we have young child and dog who sheds.... so easy cleanup is key!

I was considering gray furniture... but many of the grey leather sofas are very dark.... so then I was leaning to ivory, beige, or "stone" but I am wondering if they would be too warm for the space with the warm wood floors?

Mantel wise, I'd like to do a floating beam style mantel, likely stained similarly to the floors. I"m working on getting my husband to agree to that. And I was thinking some gray and/or blue throw pillows and accents. My neighbor was suggesting trimming some of the depth from the mantel and then removing the korbels but I'm not sure if that would work.

Any suggestions for sofa/chair/love seat? I guess that's first and foremost what we need to work with. PS the art has meaning- it represents each member of our family. :)

this is an old picture, alternate angle of space. Eventually would like a new tv console as well.. but baby steps here. ;)

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