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Range help - which color

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

the oven thermostat on our 2004 range died a few weeks ago, fortunately my husband was able to find a part to “fix” it. But it’s not doing well maintaining temperature so Im hoping to take advantage of the Black Friday sales for a replacement.

The problem I’m having is that neither of us like stainless steel appliances, we currently have all white, and Id like induction. Although we could live with the amount of stainless on the range, we will not want stainless fridge or dishwasher when those appliance need to be eventually replaced.

The only white induction range I can find is the GE Cafe in matte white, which is beautifu, but I’m having a hard time justifying an extra $1000 for aesthetics. Then to top it off, I took my husband appliance shopping yesterday and he now wants GE in Slate. I like it too, but I’m worried it’s too dark and our remaining white appliances will look weird.

im hoping that someone has a magical suggestion to solve our dilemma!

here is our current range. the dishwasher and fridge are on different walls, it’s hard to tell but our cabinet hardware is brushed bronze, not black

The ranges ive been looking at are

GE Profile is stainless

GE Profile in Slate

LG ProBake 5

GE Cafe in Matte White

The Matte White in a showroom

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