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Wanted! Good eye for corner art! Mockup skills a bonus!

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

This Houzz photo has been stuck in my mind. I love the way the prints balance the corner TV and console. Is the light fixture part of that balance?

Apartment · More Info

And here is a photo of my corner, just waiting to be finished.

corner vignette · More Info

My main objective is to pull the attention up and away from the tv and console and put it on the art. Do you have an opinion on how best to achieve this goal?

I’m interested in learning what would work best and why. But the real test is seeing it, so if you have the skills to provide mockups, maybe we can have some fun!

I’d also be interested in how I might raise the tv a little higher above the console, as in the Houzz photo.

Confession: This is a small project that is part of a larger one, posted elsewhere on Houzz. [If this is one of your pet peeves, then, by all means, just go on to the next dilemma.] If you have some thoughts and ideas specific to helping me add to this corner, I’d love to hear them! If, in order to help, you need photos of the rest of this open plan, I can certainly provide them here. I actually did quite a switcheroo today, so it is coming together, and I feel excited!

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