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where would you put the washer/dryer?

4 years ago

Thanks to everyone that has entertained my questions so far!! Renovating small vacation home at the beach. No views. We don’t plan on living there full time and the neighborhood is probably 75% vacation/second homes....

So where to put the washer/dryer??

We could keep the washer/dryer on the 2nd floor as pictured and leave one shared bath on that floor.

Or we can move the washer/dryer to 1st floor in pantry by bathroom (revising to powered room) and back entrance (near an outdoor shower) which would enable us to move shared bath to where laundry is pictured on 2nd floor and create a 2nd floor en suite bedroom w/private bathroom...

There is also a small third floor that has a master bedroom with private bathroom..

So moving washer/dryer to 1st floor would be easy access to toss in sandy towels and give us two en-suite bedrooms.. But keeping it on 2nd floor would leave larger laundry room for storage etc close to bedrooms and more closet space on 1st floor..

Thoughts? Help!

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