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Protecting my cats from neighbor's cats

3 years ago

Hello everyone - I live in a rural area, my neighbors are all a good distance away, separated by fields and woods. This last summer two black cats have been showing up here causing problems for my two cats. One of my cats is an old teenager, and the other is two yrs. Both of my cats are spayed females - both Calicoes, so they are feisty.

Last summer my old kitty got into a fight with one of these cats - it happened right in front of me - and the vet bill was over $200 to sew her back together plus antibiotics. The other night one of the black cats went after my 2 yr old on the back step and she got slammed against the patio window. Then just yesterday I saw one of the neighbor's cats lying in one of my garden beds and out of anger and frustration grabbed my BB Gun and shot it in the hindquarters. I don't want to harm the intruding cats (God forbid I shoot its eye out!) but I also want to send a strong message that they are not welcome here. I work on the farm daily and know my cats habits, they are a couple of fraidy cats and don't venture far from the food bowl. Keeping my cats indoors is not an option, they have both been indoor/outdoor cats their whole lives. Do I start knocking on neighbor's doors to see who owns these black cats? See if we can come up with a plan when our cats are outside? I only know two neighbors on my street and they aren't their cats. With the attitude I get from some people here I'm afraid that the owner's position will be "that is your problem, not mine" so, does anyone here in GardenWeb land have any creative ideas - anything that might actually work to keep other cats from attacking mine? I can't afford the extra vet bills! Thank you for any help with this!

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