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wood furniture to match wall color with green undertones

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I picked paint color I thought would look different in the space. It seems to have green undertones. Sherwin Williams natural tan 7567. Very sunny room. so far I purchased white slipcover sofa. Thinking about painted rustic gray and brown media console. Possibly wicker chairs. Don’t know what color wicker. If grey tones to match console, I think grey with green undertone paint could look pretty bad. I could get different medium brown wood media console instead And forget greys. The Floor is engineered wood very light with grayish knots and “arctic ice” white accents. I would love all earthy shades of light and med brown like jute etc. I need help regarding wood colors for furniture and color on fabric or leather chairs. I really dislike the green undertones in the natural tan that I can’t change.

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