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Remodel to L Shaped Kitchen W/ Island - design dilemma !! 3 entry ways

4 years ago

Hi - long time reader, first time poster. Love this community ! We're currently brainstorming ways to remodel our kitchen - the main issue is that we're dealing with 3 entryways in/out of our kitchen and grappling with the general flow. Hope you guys can help!

Current Kitchen Specs/Setup:

Potential Remodel:

· Knock down small wall between kitchen + pantry; open up the space and add counters along that wall

· Potentially add a small island (2.5 ft wide x 4 ft long) - this would allow 3 feet on each side of the island and we would also get a counterdepth fridge no larger than 27 inch; is it worth adding an island?

· Remove range + wall oven: re-position cooking area by adding a stove along the wall that leads to the exterior

· Shift dishwasher and sink so allow for a L shaped kitchen shape

· Add a breakfast bar in between the dining room wall and the kitchen wall; seats to the breakfast bar would be on the dining room side, facing into the kitchen (to allow for a clear pathway in the kitchen)

Any thoughts? We're worried that the "working triangle" (fridge, sink and stove) may be too crowded but hoping the extra counterspace provided by the island will help. Is it odd to have a dishwasher so close to the fridge? Any thoughts would be appreciated !! We're grappling with many constrictions (multiple walkways and 1/2 bathroom)


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