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I messed up my kitchen...sorta lol At least my desired kitchen.

4 years ago

So about 8-10 years ago I did some updating myself to my kitchen. A few years after that we decided we were going to sell our house and we decided to tile our kitchen floor. We actually redid all of the floors in our house and went with tile in the kitchen because we didn't think the pergo would hold up well in the kitchen.

Well, we decided to NOT sell our house. So we've decided its time to update our kitchen again. I wanted to replace all of the cabinets but my husband doesn't think we should because of the tile. (we are not getting rid of the tile floor. It is large rectangle tiles, they are nice and were hard to install) So we would have to stay completely within the same footprint. It seems like it would be difficult. Plus my lower cabinets have all wood dove tail drawers, everything is in good shape.

So anyway, I've actually decided to replace the upper cabinets and reface the bottom cabinets. I have wanted a two toned kitchen for quite sometime and this will work out perfectly for me as far as the cabinets go. I want my uppers to be white and go to the ceiling. My kitchen is on the small side so the extra cabinet space would be ideal.

My issue? I want to replace my Flint (dark grey) corian countertops with quartz but sadly I don't think I can. I sincerely doubt that my lower cabinets are level and trying to level them after we have installed tile on the floor I believe means I will have to remove some tile (and probably the cement board...nearly impossible without completely destroying something)

Has anyone ever experienced trying to level cabinets after the fact to make way for a heavy countertop? Now I am considering replacing my dark corian with a white corian. Which seems like a waste.

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