Two small hallway closet storage ideas

Two hallway closets in our small 60 year old house. Approximately 28" wide by 21" deep, and 20" wide by 25" deep inches. Our ceiling is 8 feet high. With doors that open to the right. Our house is small and not a lot of storage.

I like the idea of adjustable shelving but outside of that don't know how much I want to spend? Would be for storing linen, blankets, and just other odds and ends. Not needed for coats or shoes. I can afford to spend a lot, but the reason I can is because I am a tightwad, ha ha.

I started looking for shelving online quotes just for one of the closets, $1,322. to $720. depending on the design I choose. These are for wire rack shelving from ClosetMaid

Just seems like a lot of money???? I have an appointment with ELFA closet systems next week.

I guess I need ideas from least expensive way to go, maybe not adjustable shelving, or is $2,000. for adjustable shelves for two small closets reasonable and worth it?

I do have a handy DIY'er friend that could help me install whatever I decide on.

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