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Entryway Open Living Room DILEMMA

Teri McCuistion
4 years ago

We have a large home with three living areas. our actual living/family room is in the back of the house, coming off of the first room (pictured) you come into from the entryway. The smallest of the three is to the left of the entryway living area, which we have made into a sitting area. I'm happy with both of those rooms, but, the main area (pictured) is giving me problems. At first, we had a pool table and used it as our game room. This was questionable for me, as it was the first thing you saw walking in our home, but since this room also has a built in bar (to the right of the tv), it seemed appropriate. We recently sold our pool table and bought this sofa. we tried it facing the tv, and it just didn't seem right. Since this isn't our main tv viewing area, it's not a must to have the couch facing the tv. Also, since we have lots of get-togethers, we want it opened up to the sitting area so we can visit between rooms, and if there's a game on then both rooms can watch it. So, we rearranged it with the back of the couch facing the entryway, as pictured. I love the feel it creates inside the room, but I'm not sure about how it looks when walking through our front door. I'm considering a sofa table behind it. Any suggestions? Keep in mind this room is sunken, with a step down from entry room and sitting room. Also, I have not updated the decor. I'd like to paint the coffee table and get a rug and some new paintings. Please excuse the mess on the bar table in the corner. I also plan on making a large corner photo collage above the bar table.

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