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Help: Late 1960s Southern California Home has an identity crisis

4 years ago

It's obvious that my home has had a few minor updates throughout the years leaving it wondering what it really wants to be. I'm hoping to get some assistance in finding it's identity.

Since the picture, the palm trees, birds of paradise, and the dated stamped concrete & slate tile hardscape have been removed.

Workers are currently in the process of changing out the cinder block brick on the exterior wall and the wood siding with a smooth stucco.

The plan is to replace the entry gate, exterior windows, to switch out the glass in the front door, and to replace/updated the current tiled roof.

The questions I have, what should I do with

1. The brick columns Do I keep them as is, whitewash, paint the same color as stucco, or simply stucco over them to match the rest of the exterior? All of the fence posts have the same brick.

2. Garage door - match the color style to the stucco or to the front door.

Exterior paint color: Currently leaning towards swiss coffee for the stucco and expresso color for the trim.


Idea 1

Idea 2 (not a fan of Farmhouse - been done too much in the neighborhood)

Harbor View Hills #2 · More Info

The front door is being modified to look similar to this one:

In the Heart of Brentwood · More Info

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