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Problems with Miele Kitchen Appliance Rebate

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

This posting is to share problems with the Miele Appliance Rebate program, only.

Last Winter we were preparing to purchase 3 Miele appliances for our kitchen remodel. We learned that Miele offered a 10% rebate for the purchase of 4 appliances so we added a dishwasher which would be paid for with the rebate. We were concerned at the time that there would be problems with the rebate program and had the appliance store contact Miele and make ertain that the appliances qualified for the rebate; response affirmative.

We purchased the appliances and attempted to fill out the rebate form in June 2019. The rebate website said that the cooktop serial number we entered from the appliance store receipt was wrong. We re-entered the serial number listed on the box. Again, we received an error message. We tried contacting Miele for help. No response for over a month. We contacted the Miele regional sales rep who is a most kind and professional individual. Eventually, we were contacted by an employee in the rebate program. The employee explained that the rebate department had been short-staffed and lost a number of emails accounting for the delay in contacting us. The employee said the serial number on the outside of the box was wrong and asked us to open the box and give them the numbers inside. We did so and tried entering them on the website. Another error message. We contacted the rebate department again and begged them to take care of the serial number issue. What an incredibly frustrating and time-wasting experience. Eventually, we were told that the check had been sent and we would receive it within 15 business days. 16 business days later, no check. Contacted them once again. Finally, after about 6 months from the beginning of the process, we received the rebate check. We asked Miele to offer us something such as a complimentary appliance warranty for the poor customer service, but Miele declined to offer us anything.

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