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FITFLOP on Zulily

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

A year or so ago on one of the shoe threads, someone raved about FitFlop shoes. For those of you who like them, they are on sale on Zulily this morning. I ordered a pair from Nordstroms when the thread was extant. Regretfully, they did not fit my feet.

I love Guy Roz and his “How I Built This“ podcast. On one episode, I learned that the woman who developed Bliss cosmetics also started FitFlop. If you are interested here is the link to the podcast

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  • 4 years ago
    last modified: 4 years ago

    Thanks Bbstx! Going to check that out.

    Waves hand. I raved about them here before and always meant to come back and adjust my review. I still like them but only the one style is amazingly comfortable. (Lulu)

    I absolutely loved the cognac lulu flops. So, so squishy and made my feet feel amazing. When I bought them I was at the point of hobbling from planter fasciitis. It got really bad all of a sudden and these shoes helped my feet tremendously. I can go bare foot at times and even wear heels again though probably not real smart. I purchased other others in the same microwobbleboard soles and they weren’t even close to the same comfort. They were still nice and helped my feet but the sole didn’t have that same cush. I wonder if they changed the design or it just happened to be that shoe. My sister had the same experience with the lulu’s being great and the others were good but not the same. I’m honestly not happy with the overall quality. My lulus are about shot in less than a year. I have high arches and apparently walk more on the outter part of my foot. That part of the sole has crushed down so the shoe is now lacking support there and they’re still ok to wear but I find myself holding my foot weird at times to walk in them. Another style I own, the leather gets marked up really easy. I do think I’m going to repurchase the lulu’s. I wore them around the house all the time. Oh, the other thing I got a little grumpy about is the leather stretched and I started to get concerned They were going to end up too big. My sister found that the leather toe thong styles would stretch to the point of not being able to stay on your foot. She actually added some padding under the toe part of hers but that’s certainly not ideal. We both have wide feet.

    These are the lulu’s I’m talking about. The left ones are my sisters in the faux leather. My leather ones on right. She really abuses hers in water and all kinds of elements and I don’t think they look too bad I sprayed mine with leather water protector before started wearing. I was caught walking in a total downpour and was worried about the leather (I might as well have jumped in a lake type of soaked) and it was fine.

    Ugh I lost all I just wrote.

    After the lulu’s I bought some other styles but they’re not as squishy. I wore these a lot out this past summer. You can see the leather looks bad. Also the sides Started to pull away from the foot bed and I actually used glue. The painters tape I used tore off some of the color. The leather on the lulu’s is way better than these

    These actually have a jelly type top. I didn’t realize when I bought them. It takes some getting used to and actually would irritate the top of my foot at times.

    They definitely will only work for wide feet and I’ve found I need to size down but I can get away with my normal size.

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  • 4 years ago

    I am also a fan of fitflop-- but not as Shee described, not all are the same. I have been wearing the Kys. I also like the original thong style but I don't remember the name (it looks like the Lulu thong). I've had them for.. hmm.. 8 years? And they still look brand new.

    I have a hard time with even a slight heel, wedge or platform but I have no problem with these

  • 4 years ago

    I've been a fan of FitFlops since they came out, but always found the original thong style a bit too loose for the width of my feet. They came out with The Skinny style that has an adjustable buckle and is a bit less bulky. I have several of them in different colors. As they stretch out a bit with wear you can tighten the buckle a bit.

    Just looked at the FitFlop site and they don't have that exact style any longer, but they have some new thongs with adjustable buckles.