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7x6 Bathroom! How to make the most of it when renovating?

4 years ago

The bathroom is next on my to-renovate list. The house was built in 1948 and I'm not sure it's been updated at all since then, aside from the shoddy paint job I did after removing the wallpaper.

Here is the current layout. There are 9" of clearance in front of the toilet, which is less than ideal for the long-legged among us (I'm 5'10" and my partner's 6'2"), but something I'm used to after living here nearly a decade. Note that the radiator in the lower left corner extends a few more inches into the sink cabinet. The plumbing for the shower is in the 5"-wide wall between it and the open storage area in the lower right corner. Pictures to come in the comments below!

I am weighing two options and would appreciate any input from the community.

Option A: slight adjustments

  • replace light fixture with combo light/fan
  • replace deteriorating tile and flooring with something more my taste
  • replace toilet with a more efficient & compact model
  • replace vanity with a wall-mounted sink
  • replace window blind with a frosted film on the glass
  • repaint the walls a lighter grey

Option B: total reconfiguration

  • all of the above, PLUS
  • change the layout to the following

For this I'd opt for a vanity instead of a floating sink, since I'd be losing that big chunk of storage space in exchange for more sitting/standing/walking space. I'd also add a tiled-in bump-out like this, this, or this in the upper right corner and swap the door around. I know this is a better use of space, I'm just not sure it would be worth the added hassle of gutting everything entirely. My plan is to get estimates for both options since I've no idea how much more expensive Option B would be. (Twice as much as Option A, all else being equal? Ten times as much? Who knows!) Then, once any plumbing/structural issues are revealed during demolition, add that cost to Option A to see if it narrows the gap enough to make Option B viable.

Open to tough love and reality checks! Also hoping for help with the fun stuff: decor and fixtures. :)

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