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Pergo Outlast+ Marigold Oak - LVP Lookalikes?

Sabrina B
4 years ago

Woe is me. I was lured by the raving reviews of Pergo Outlast+ laminate in Marigold Oak, and the enthusiastic writeup in Consumer Reports. After installing some, I can attest to its great looks, but I find it too hard under my feet, and the texture is a nightmare (think chalkboard).

I think vinyl plank would be a better choice for me. Having said that, there are many sample boards of LVP in my living room, and none of them match the toasty caramel tones of Marigold Oak that somehow manage to make every color in the house look amazing. It's surprisingly neutral, with no obvious red or blue undertones, but feels warm and colorful.

It's a shot in the dark, but is anyone familiar with this product who can recommend a vinyl substitute that is visually similar to Marigold Oak?

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