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Which type of basement access door should I go for?

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I'm building a house with a full basement and the construction is just getting started (lot is getting cleared). I and hubby don't like the look of walkout doors from the basement and decided only with interior access. Now, we realized that we should have access from outside due to new developments.

I'm lucky that we haven't poured the concrete yet. We talked to the builder and he said he can add exterior access. First, we considered the steps going down and a door as on the left picture, but that would be a hell of snow to remove in winter, water will go inside and all the fallen leaves will make a mess. So, we wanted to have a dog house as shown in the right picture.

I showed this pic to the builder, and he wrote that he can put a window-well system and it will be less costly. He is taking his wife to the hospital today and I don't want to disturb him. So, if you guys can give me some suggestions before I talk to him tomorrow, that would be great.

We are okay with the cost factor. If he can install a door and dog house as shown in the right-hand side picture, we will do it. Again, I don't know how much it will cost. Extra concrete walls, concrete steps, two doors, and the dog house could come to a few grants. If it's something like 5-7K, I would do it.

I'm confused with his window-well suggestion. I don't know he just meant cost or is it technically not possible to get a spot on the rear side of the house due to windows, deck, and doors? Can the doors only could install on the basement wall build on the slope where some part of the concrete wall is above ground? In cases like mine where it's a leveled ground and completely underground basement, can we still get the door as shown below? The house with the dog house on the right seems to have an underground basement as mine is planned.

Now, where to put it is the question. As shown in pic2, We could move the kitchen window a few inches to make a solid 60 inches space (now it's 57") and a dog house could be done with 48" with a 10-inch buffer from the wall.

Or, we could move deck further to the left to make some room for the dog house between the sliding door and the kitchen window.


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